A girl with a cochlear implant, playing with a toy
Graduate Studies Program in Listening & Spoken Language for Children with Hearing Loss


For more information about the Listening and Spoken Language Graduate Training Program, please contact Dr. Karen Muñoz via email or at 435-797-3701.

Karen Munoz
Karen Muñoz, Ed.D., CCC-A
Dr. Karen Muñoz is an Assistant Professor of Audiology and provides oversight of the Pediatric Audiology Clinic. She has focused on pediatric audiology since the mid 1990’s and has worked extensively at the state level to support the development of effective newborn hearing screening and follow-up programs. She has also been involved nationally and internationally in providing continuing professional education on best practice to audiologists in the early identification and management of hearing loss for infants and young children. To better serve families living in rural areas, Dr. Muñoz is involved in research to investigate the use of distance technology to improve services and educational outreach. She moved from her position at Northern Illinois University to Utah in 2007 with her husband and son, to join in the development of the Sound Beginnings program.

Audiology Program of Study [PDF]

Requirements for Audiology LSL Students [PDF]