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Graduate Studies Program in Listening & Spoken Language for Children with Hearing Loss

Research Supporting Auditory Learning

Document Name
Parental Involvement in Deaf Children’s Education Programs as a Predictor of Child’s Language, Early Reading, and Social-Emotional Development [PDF]
Rosemary Calderon
The Age at Which Young Deaf Children Receive Cochlear Implants and Their Vocabulary and Speech-Production Growth: Is There an Added Value for Early Implantation? [PDF]
Carol McDonald Connor, Holly K. Craig, Stephen W. Raudenbush, Krista Heavner, Teresa A. Zwolan
Examining Multiple Sources of Influence on the Reading Comprehension Skills of Children Who Use Cochlear Implants [PDF]
Carol McDonald Connor, Teresa A. Zwolan
Speech perception in children using cochlear implants: prediction of long-term outcomes [PDF]
Richard C. Dowell, Shani J. Dettman, Peter J. Blamey, Elizabeth J. Barker, Graeme M. Clark
Conversational Skills of Children with Hearing Loss and Children with Normal Hearing in an Integrated Setting [PDF]
Jill Duncan
Child and Family Factors Associated With Deaf Children’s Success in Auditory–Verbal Therapy [PDF]
Susan R. Easterbrooks, Colleen M. Rourke, N. Wendell Todd
Outcomes of Auditory-Verbal Therapy: A Review of the Evidence and a Call for Action [PDF]
Alice Eriks-Brophy, Ph.D.
Language Skills of Children with Early Cochlear Implantation [PDF]
Ann E. Greers, Johanna G. Nichols, Allison L. Sedey
Auditory-Verbal Graduates: Outcome Survey of Clinical Efficacy [PDF]
Donald M. Goldberg, Carol Flexer
Communication Options for Children with Hearing Loss [PDF]
Judith S. Gravel, Jessica O'Gara
Speech perception results in children with cochlear implants: Contributing factors [PDF]
Annelle V. Hodges, Mary Dolan Ash, Thomas J. Balkany, Jerry J. Schloffman, Stacy L. Butts
Children with implants can speak, but can they communicate? [PDF]
Amy McConkey Robbins, Mario Svirsky, Karen Iler Kirk
Will They Catch Up? The Role of Age at Cochlear Implantation in the Spoken Language Development of Children With Severe to Profound Hearing Loss [PDF]
Johanna Grant Nicholas, Ann E. Geers
Global Language Progress with an Auditory Verbal Approach for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing [PDF]
Ellen A. Rhoades, Theresa H. Chisolm
Research Outcomes of Auditory-Verbal Intervention: Is the Approach Justified? [PDF]
Ellen A. Rhoades
Effect of Age at Implantation on Auditory-Skill Development in Infants and Toddlers [PDF]
Amy McConkey Robbins, Dawn Burton Koch, Mary Joe Osberger, Susan Zimmerman-Phillips, Liat Kishon-Rabin
Hearing-Impaired Children in the United Kingdom, I: Auditory Performance, Communication Skills, Educational Achievements, Quality of Life, and Cochlear Implantation [PDF]
Paula C. Stacey, Heather M. Fortnum, Garry R. Barton, and A. Quentin Summerfield
Language Development in Profoundly Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants [PDF]
Mario A. Svirsky, Amy M. Robbins, Karen Iler Kirk, David B. Pisoni, and Richard T. Miyamoto
Some Aspects of Language Development in Normal-Hearing Children and Children with Cochlear Implants [PDF]
Gisela Szagun
Factors Associated with Development of Speech Production Skills in Children Implanted by Age Five [PDF]
Emily A. Tobey, Ann E. Geers, Chris Brenner, Dianne Altuna, and Gretchen Gabbert
Hearing Mothers and Their Deaf Children: The Relationship between Early, Ongoing Mode Match and Subsequent Mental Health Functioning in Adolescence [PDF]
Delia Wallis, Carol Musselman, Sherri MacKay
Parents’ and Teachers’ Expectations of Auditory-Verbal Therapy [PDF]
Cheng-Ju Dora Wu, P. Margaret Brown
Language of Early- and Later-identified Children With Hearing Loss [PDF]
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, Allison L. Sedey, Diane K. Coulter, and Albert L. Mehl
Levels of evidence: universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) and early hearing detection and intervention systems (EHDI) [PDF]
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
The Development of Speech Perception in Children Using Cochlear Implants: Effects of Etiologic Factors and Delayed Milestones [PDF]
Brian Pyman, Peter Blamey, Peter Lacy, Graeme Clark, Richard Dowell
Variation In Speech Perception Scores Among Children with Cochlear Implants [PDF]
J.Z. Sarant, P.J. Blamey, R.C. Dowell, G.M. Clark, and W.P.R. Gibson
Spoken Language Scores of Children Using Cochlear Implants Compared to Hearing Age-Mates at School Entry [PDF]
Ann E. Geers, Jean S. Moog, Julia Biedenstein, Christine Brenner, Heather Hayes
Speech and Language Results in Children with a Cochlear Implant [PDF]
Karen ller Kirk and Carolyn Hill-Brown
Cochlear Implant Use by Prelingually Deafened Children: The Influences of Age at Implant and Length of Device Use [PDF]
Holly Fryauf-Bertschy, Richard S. Tyler, Danielle M. R. Kelsay, Bruce J. Gantz, George G. Woodworth
Production Accuracy in a Young Cochlear Implant Recipient [PDF]
Andrea D. Warner-Czyz. M.A., Barbara L Davis, Ph.D., and Helen M. Morrison, Ph.D.