A girl with a cochlear implant, playing with a toy
Graduate Studies Program in Listening & Spoken Language for Children with Hearing Loss

Student Research

Students enrolled in the Graduate Studies Program in Auditory Learning and Spoken Language are expected to complete a research project prior to graduation. The research project should address an area of communication that will enhance and illuminate our understanding of spoken language learning in children with hearing loss. Students may generate topics for study on their own or they may engage in existing research that is occurring within the Department or on campus. Each student must have a major professor and an approved committee to guide him or her through this process.

For students completing their AuD, a Capstone project is required, and students are expected to complete a project that is related to Pediatric Audiology. Graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology are expected to complete – at a minimum – a Plan B. This is a research study that will result in a publishable article. Students completing their Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education/Special Education with an emphasis in Auditory Learning are expected to complete a Thesis on a topic related to the developmental or educational needs of children with hearing loss.

The following is a list of student research projects and their faculty advisors.


An LSL student testing a child's hearing

Topic: "The Effectiveness of Commercial Desiccants and Uncooked Rice in Removing Moisture from Hearing Aids" [PDF]
Student: Angela Hayden
Faculty Advisor: Dr.Lauri Nelson

Topic: “Early Childhood Hearing Screening: A Comparison of Training Delivery Methods and Learning Outcomes”
Student: Joe Dansie
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Munoz

Topic: “Timeliness of Service Delivery for Children Born with Hearing Loss in Utah"
Student: Julie Howell Barrett
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Munoz

Topic: “Assessment of Resources for Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with Hearing Loss”
Student: Megan Mansfield
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Munoz

Topic: “Finding the Children: An Assessment of Utah’s Newborn Screening Follow-Ups & EDHI Programs”
Student: Nicole Choules
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Munoz

Speech-Language Pathology

An LSL student reading to two children

Topic: "Using the Home Visit Rating Scale (HOVRS-A+) to compare tele-intervention and in-person intervention in children with hearing loss" [PDF]
Student: Katie Weller
Faculty Advisor: Kristina Blaiser

Topic: "Assessing Morphosyntatic Development of Preschool Children who are DHH using the CELF-P" [PDF]
Student: Angela G. Anderson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kristina Blaiser

Topic: “Case Study: An Analysis of the Communication Outcomes of a Child with Hearing Loss Diagnosed with Speech Apraxia”
Student: Autumn Coombs
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Beth Foley

Topic: “Effectiveness of a Multi-Linguistic Approach for Literacy Instruction”
Student: Nicole Martin
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julie Wolter

Topic: “Dynamic Morphological Assessment”
Student: Brittani Attwood
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julie Wolter

Topic: “Assessment of Parent Involvement in Auditory-Verbal Therapy presented through Tele-Intervention”
Student: Marge Edwards
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Todd Houston

Topic: “Current Practices in Early Intervention: Part C and EHDI Coordinators’ Knowledge of Communication Options for Children with Hearing Loss”
Student: Kim Allen
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Todd Houston

Topic: “Speech and Music Perception in Recipients with Cochlear Implants: Shall We Listen?”
Student: Noralee Jones
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kim Corbin-Lewis